A New Liturgy on 10.12.11

Last night, I (Aaron) was thrilled to get to jump back in with the Wednesday night team and community.  There’s something so powerful about a room filled with people who have gathered specifically to worship the Almighty God.  I love Wednesday nights at Willow. And yesterday was particularly moving for be, because we were finally […]

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this Wednesday Night: worshiping the God of the Oppressed

For the last six months, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with International Teams and eight other artists to create “Songs for the Oppressed (vol 1)”.  I-Team’s president Scott Olson had the dream to unleash indie artists to create songs/art for the direct benefit of the most oppressed people on planet earth, and his vision […]

reflections on Ash Wednesday, space, and leading worship…

“Last night, we celebrated Ash Wednesday (if “celebrated” is the right word) at Willow by praying through the Ash Wednesday liturgy from The Book of Common Prayer.  It was quiet and heavy and somber and beautiful, and I loved joining up with the millions of other brothers and sisters around the world praying the exact […]

A song from Sharon

This past fall, I had the honor of leading the worship experience for WOW (the willow midweek worship experience)…. The focus of our time together was the song “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Whickam- a sweet, simple & poetic love song about the beauty of God…. The first two verses point the listener to God in […]

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All Worship Night: Prayer beyond words on 9.29.10

It truly was a pleasure to worship together on September 29 at the All Worship Night.  I believe that the church is never more the church when it is gathered at the feet of Jesus.  The evening began with fast tempo high energy music as we reminded ourselves that there is no time like the […]

All Worship Night!

Last night, we packed into the Lake Side Auditorium for a night of Worship:  prayer, silence, reflection, and even singing!  In many ways, praise be to God, it was a holy night.  Here was the flow of the experience… –Tuning our hearts – this is a simple spiritual exercise to help us prepare our hearts […]

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