holistic prayer on 02.12.12

This weekend, we spent 25 minutes singing, praying, and worshiping through this beautiful prayer… We have come together as the family       of God in our Father’s presence to offer Him praise and thanksgiving, to hear His holy word, to bring before Him the needs    of the world, to ask His forgiveness of our sins, […]

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A song from Sharon

This past fall, I had the honor of leading the worship experience for WOW (the willow midweek worship experience)…. The focus of our time together was the song “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Whickam- a sweet, simple & poetic love song about the beauty of God…. The first two verses point the listener to God in […]

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Weekend Reflections: I Want Jesus to Walk With Me on 11.7.10

The focus of this weekend’s worship experience was the spiritual “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me”.  I absolutely love this song.  Like many in this great tradition, it taps into the deep ache of being human in such a broken world…which we all share, don’t we? But first we began by focusing our attention […]

All In This Together (part 2): resources

The last post shared some of the heart behind last weekend, but I’d love to share some of the details also.  Here are the songs and corporate readings for october 2-3rd… Pre-service:  “We Are Not Us Without You” (download text here) “We are not a random collection of people doing strange things because this is […]

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Weekend Reflections: The Box on 9.19.10

This last weekend (9.19.10) at Willow was really exciting to be a part of. After the pre-service – Izzy’s killer string quartet arrangement of “Today” by The Smashing Pumpkins – we launched into a quiet chorus of “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and a corporate reading of Paul’s great prayer of Eph 3:14-19. […]

All Worship Night!

Last night, we packed into the Lake Side Auditorium for a night of Worship:  prayer, silence, reflection, and even singing!  In many ways, praise be to God, it was a holy night.  Here was the flow of the experience… –Tuning our hearts – this is a simple spiritual exercise to help us prepare our hearts […]

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Weekend Reflections: Grace on 8.22.10

Last weekend at Willow was built around Ethan Nickerson’s song “Grace”. (Those of you from Grand Rapids may know Ethan’s music from Mars Hill or his band The Mines…he’s a great singer, musician, and songwriter. And a really great guy.) Anyway, after beginning with Matt Lundgren’s song “Love Justice” and an expanded version of “O […]

Weekend Reflections: Psalm 139

This weekend, we spent the first half of our service praying, singing, meditating, and reading through Psalm 139. It’s such a profound chapter, and my only regret is not having more time to dive in! A number of people asked about the song Becky sang (inventively titled “Psalm 139″), so feel free to click HERE […]

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