Announcement: Welcome to “Beyond Singing: The worship blog of Willow Creek”

Hey!  We (the worship team) would love to do whatever we can to help you take our community’s worship experiences even deeper.  This blog is about sharing stories behind the worship sets, resources to go further, and dreams for what worship at Willow Creek could be.  And we’d love to hear back from you!  How […]

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The Story Behind The Advent Project

Last July in one of our planning meetings, we decided to celebrate Advent as a church.  The team was very excited to help our community engage deeply with this season, and I was charged to help make it happen. Thrilled and a little intimidated by the learning curve ahead, I immediately called my friend Troy […]

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The Advent Project

We are so excited to announce… The Advent Project is a resource to help you create holy space during this Advent season. For the last couple months, we (the worship leaders of Willow Creek) have been working together to record four 8-10 minute journeys of prayer, music, and scripture – one for each week of Advent. […]

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this Wednesday Night: worshiping the God of the Oppressed

For the last six months, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with International Teams and eight other artists to create “Songs for the Oppressed (vol 1)”.  I-Team’s president Scott Olson had the dream to unleash indie artists to create songs/art for the direct benefit of the most oppressed people on planet earth, and his vision […]