Real Life: An Interview with Lincoln Brewster

On Labor Day weekend (September 3 and 4), Lincoln Brewster, Dove-award nominated musician, brings his band to Willow Creek’s South Barrington campus for a free concert at all services. Matt Lundgren, executive producer and worship leader at Willow, connected with Lincoln to ask a few questions, worship leader-to-worship leader. Matt: What was the first song […]

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this Wednesday Night: worshiping the God of the Oppressed

For the last six months, I’ve had the privilege of partnering with International Teams and eight other artists to create “Songs for the Oppressed (vol 1)”.  I-Team’s president Scott Olson had the dream to unleash indie artists to create songs/art for the direct benefit of the most oppressed people on planet earth, and his vision […]

Sharon’s reflections after MLK Day

As I continue to reflect on the recent MLK services, I am reminded once again that racial reconciliation is a process that involves honesty, education, grace, & letting go of systematic and personal power. During our time in between services, I experienced a handful of honest conversations with my brothers & sisters in the choir. […]

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Christmas 2010

“Do not be afraid.” Those are the words spoken by the angel Gabriel to Mary, Joseph, and those outcasts, the shepherds. Living in a culture where fear is on the loose, we believe we need to hear those words as well. As such, we were led to create a multi-sensory experience based on the phrase, […]

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