The Advent Project

We are so excited to announce…

The Advent Project is a resource to help you create holy space during this Advent season.

For the last couple months, we (the worship leaders of Willow Creek) have been working together to record four 8-10 minute journeys of prayer, music, and scripture – one for each week of Advent. These worship and prayer recordings will be available for free download at (Or you can get a CD at Seeds for a suggestion donation of $1).

It is our prayer that these recordings would help you stop…every day…slow down…pray…and open yourself to whatever God wants to say to you.  And through this daily practice, allow God to prepare your heart to receive and celebrate all that Christ’s birth means for the world, and look forward to His return.

Maybe you will listen every morning as you drive to work (just keep your eyes open during the prayers…ha!).  Maybe you’ll go for an early walk each morning with your iPod to reflect and pray. Maybe you’ll listen, pray, and discuss each Advent recording with your small group.  Be creative! Follow the Spirit’s leading!  Feel free to use the Advent Project in any way that will help you
and your community most deeply connect with God in this holy season.


Each week is based around one of the prayers from the scriptural account of Christ’s birth…

-Week 1:  Mary’s song  [Magnificat (Luke 1:46-55)]
(created and recorded by Becky Johnson and Brandon Grissom)

-Week 2:  Zechariah’s prayer  [Benedictus  (Luke 1:68-79)] 
(by Aaron Niequist and Tony Sorrentino)

-Week 3:  The angels’ declaration  [Gloria in Excelsis (Luke 2:14)]
(by Delwin Eiland and Sharon Irving)

-Week 4:  Zachariah’s prayer  [Nunc Dimittis  (Luke 2:29-32)]
(by Matt Lundgren, Stephen Kelly, and Shawn Christopher)


Here’s my introduction from last weekend…

So may this season be filled with holy expectation and deep celebration.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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