Anniversary on 10.14.12

This service was our 37th Anniversary of the church.  There is so much that God has done in and through our church over the last 37 years that we decided to simply focus on what God has done over this past year – even that is overwhelming!

Sometimes in our worship songs we use hyperbole, but a couple songs that we used this weekend in our worship set had lines that seemed more descriptively accurate than poetic hyperbole.  The heart of the worship experience was a medley of songs and stories on video.  One of the songs helped thread things together was 10,000 Reasons.  Singing that song often times feels like a poetic overstatement, but there’s something about singing that song in this context that felt like an understatement.  Over the past year we have 10,000 Reasons and more to thank God!  Coming out of the final video story we used these words from the song One Thing Remains:

“and on and on and on and on it goes, and it overwhelms and satisfies my soul…”

That pretty much sums up our celebration of our year of ministry.  God’s love, faithfulness, forgiveness, provisions, and grace goes on and on and on and we can never thank our God enough.

As you look back on your life over the past year, what are you thankful for?  How has God been shaping your life.  Why don’t you take a moment right now and thank God for what he’s done in your life over the past year…


Posted by Aaron Niequist on 10.17.12 under Weekend Experience.

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