God with us on 10.28.12

Our hope for this worship experience was simple.  Remind ourselves…better yet…create space for God to remind us that God is with us.  It’s a simple idea that is more easily understood than it is experienced. We began with an energetic song (Happy Day) and then flowed into a series of songs to serve as a […]

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CREATION New Liturgy on 10.21.12

This weekend, we immersed ourselves in the beauty of God’s Creation. Isaiah 6 says that the living creatures in Heaven never stop saying “Holy Holy Holy, the earth is filled with His glory!”  This word “glory” is the Hebrew word “kavod”, which means “weight, significance, of utmost importance”.  So another way we could say it […]

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Anniversary on 10.14.12

This service was our 37th Anniversary of the church.  There is so much that God has done in and through our church over the last 37 years that we decided to simply focus on what God has done over this past year – even that is overwhelming! Sometimes in our worship songs we use hyperbole, […]

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