Kingdom Come on 08.26.12

This weekend was fun because four of Willow’s worship leaders were a part of the worship team.  (We’re just sad that Matt was out of town, or we would have made it all five!)  But Becky, Sharon, Brandon, and I decided to partner together – each leading one part of the worship experience.

Becky began by sharing about how God’s love never gives up on us, and invited us into “One Thing Remains” by Jesus Culture.  Even though it’s still rather new for many in our community, they jumped in and sang from their toes.

After I read from Romans 5, Sharon and Becky lead us into their profoundly moving arrangement of “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus”…


The next few minutes were profoundly holy.  Brandon Grissom shared about the incredible pain of losing his dad this year, and how he’s been wrestling with God in this confusing, difficult season.  I was blown away by his courage and honesty.  Brandon then shared a beautiful song he wrote called Kingdom Come that filled the room with the pain of real life and the promise of redemption.  Truly inspired.  HERE is Brandon telling the story, and here is the song…

Kingdom Come
Brandon Grissom

There’s a glorified man
On the right hand
Of the father above
Who poured out his blood
To win us back to him

There’s a church that bows her head
She asks for her daily bread
Forgive us our sin
We ask you again
And may your kingdom come

May your kingdom come
May your will be done
May your church be one
May your kingdom come

There’s a mother of three
And a grave at her feet
She’s wondering why
Her love had to die
As she falls down to her knees

May your kingdom come
May your will be done
May your church be one
May your kingdom come

There’s a street that’s paved with gold
With people young and old
There’s no rich or poor
Sickness or war
When your kingdom comes

Out of this tender, holy moment, Sharon read from the end of “Kingdom Come” and pointed us to Jesus.  She said that this promise of redemption is possible in Christ alone…and then lead us into a fresh version of the great modern hymn “In Christ Alone”.  This declaration built into “Revelation Song” which launched us into a voices-only “Doxology”.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

Truly honored to be a part of all this with you,

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  1. I’m curious: doesn’t Willow Creek have a few other worship leaders like Andrew Thomas and Kurt Von Eschen at its regional locations?

    Posted by Doug Murphy on 12/13/09 August 27th, 2012 at 8:31 pm

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