Celebration of Hope on 04.29.12

Celebration of Hope is one of my favorite times of year at Willow.  We get to spend these three weeks focusing on the reality of the most poor and oppressed people on earth – and then offer God our hands and feet and resources to help.  It’s profoundly challenging and moving.  You can learn more or get involved HERE.

And so to begin week two, Becky lead us into two songs – “Love Justice” (Matt Lundgren) and “Hosanna” (Hillsong United) – that helped us focus on God and God’s heart for the world.  The string quartet brought an extra layer of beauty and power, as they always do.  After we sat, Sharon sang “The Resistance” (Aaron Niequist) and helped us connect with the deep ache inside every one of us…

The Resistance
aaron niequist

all creation waits
bated breath in pain
for redemption’s day

all creation cries
floods and charcoal skies
things are not alright

with brokenness and broken fists we
beat upon the breast of falleness.
we hear the call of kingdom come as
one more train we chase to only miss.

but we will never give up on it.

we’re part of the resistance –
   we’re running in the revolution
we’re part of the insistance –
   that we are more than institution
we’re part of the tradition –
   of spirit- fueled evolution
we’re part of the resistance –
   we’re running in the revolution,

all creation groans
in one voice alone
for us to be shown

all creation cries
floods and charcoal skies
things are not alright

we’re living in a world built on the walls
between the haves and never wills.
but we’re following a King who’s ears are
bent to those forgotten and unfilled.

but He will never give up on it

You can listen to or learn more about the song HERE.

After hearing a beautiful story of someone who is actually living this out – Maria Lopez – Becky asked the piercing question:  “So what is it for you?  What burns in your heart and makes you say ‘That is NOT alright!’ and I’m going to join God in doing something about it”.  She gave us some holy space to pray and listen, and then invited us to stand and respond by singing out two songs:

-the bridge of Hosanna (“Break my heart for what breaks yours…”)
Turn Me Around

We get to join God in what God is doing to redeem the planet.  Only by grace.  What beautifully good news!


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