Celebration of Hope on 05.06.12

On God’s Side


This weekend was truly a Celebration of Hope!  We worshiped God through hymns, contemporary rock songs, gospel songs, and prayer.  During the message we were joined by Nicholas Kristof, New York Times columnist and best-selling author of Half the Sky.  We engaged with God and we were educated towards solutions.  Visit Half The Sky Movement to learn more.

Often times, if we’re not careful, we can begin to make our plans and then the last step of the process is inviting God into them through prayer.  As our church was preparing and praying for this weekend I was tempted to think that God must be smiling down on us as he heard some of our prayers.  We were praying prayers that were so in tune with the character of God that as we join the fight against poverty and injustice God must be “on our side” as we fight against some of the evil in this world.  But there’s something wrong with that perspective and it never hit me as hard as this weekend.  It’s not that God is “on our side”; if we join the fight against poverty and injustice than we are finally “ON GOD’S SIDE”.  God’s heart and his character is to “set the captives free” (read Luke 4:14-20).  God is at work all around us and God is inviting us to join God’s mission.

When you stop and look around, where do you see God at work?  How can you join what God is already doing around you?


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