Give Myself Away on 04.15.12

Give Myself Away

This weekend we kicked off the Celebration of Hope series in a powerful way.  Our approach was simple – how can we give ourselves away?  Stephen Kelly shared a simple song with our team called Give Myself Away.  Here are the lyrics from that simple chorus:

“I give myself away, I give myself away so You can use me…”

What gave that song power in my mind this weekend, was the words of Pastor Goto from Zimbabwe. Pastor Goto was a recipient of some of the seeds from last year’s Celebration of Hope seedpacking. Pastor Goto had been earnestly praying for help…and it came in the form of small seeds and has grown into something that has gone far beyond his own family.  

Those who engaged in the Celebration of Hope seedpacking last year gave something away.  Pastor Goto has received it and he has in turn given it away to others in his community who are in desperate need.

What would it be like if everyday we began by asking this question: God, how can I give myself away today?  As you read this, why don’t you ask God that question right now.  Maybe there is something that God has given you (time, resources, a certain gift or ability) that God wants you to give away so he can use you.  What might that be today?


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