St Patrick’s Day on 03.17.12

St. Patrick’s Day

Although you wouldn’t necessarily know it if you walked into an Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day, believe it or not St. Patrick’s Day is one of the high holy days on the church calendar.  St. Patrick was one of the first missionaries who brought the Gospel to Ireland in the 4th Century.  It’s been said that the way St. Patrick taught about the trinity was by picking up a 3 leafed shamrock and explaining that as a shamrock has three distinct leaves but is still one single plant, God has three distinct parts: Father, Son and Holy Spirit yet is still one God.

In our service, we had the Trinity Irish Dancers join us again, and we had a long-time favorite of Willow Creek lead worship: Gospel Music Award winning artist Robin Mark lead worship.  During worship, he sang an original song of his called Fly.  Robin told the story of a friend who had once walked with God but then turned his back on God and walked away from his faith.  Robin shared that no matter how far you think you are walking away from God, God is always right behind you.  Here are some of the lyrics from Fly:

If I were to sail the oceans wide
And hide myself in darkest depths
Even there Your love would be my light
Your mighty hands, my life protect
Surely You are good to Israel,
To every heart, that on your mercy stands
As for me, my steps had almost failed
But none can take me from Your hands

Has there ever been a time when you turned your back on God only to realize God was right behind you all the time?

Is there someone in your life that has turned their back on God?  How can you remind them this week that God loves them and is lovingly walking right behind them?


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