A Knight’s Tale on 02.19.12

This weekend, we dived into our Finance Series and watched a video that told the story of some medieval knights who were baptized before going sent into battle. This piece was inspired by historical accounts and has been a strong visual image I find myself coming back to again and again, long after this weekend ended.

Legend has it that during the 11th and 12th centuries all knights were required by law to become baptized before leaving for war. Knights became nervous that they would no longer be able to engage in battle after committing their lives to the teachings of Jesus on ‘turning the other cheek and seeking peace’. They decided to try and honor both commitments, to their faith and their war. The baptism became the physical representation of this split allegiance.  Soon it became common practice to see baptisms occur with knights entire bodies submerged, except for a very intentional arm holding their sword, held high above the water.

A lot of us encounter a similar struggle when we commit ourselves to God. We aren’t holding a sword, but if we’re honest there is a small part of us that believes it’s possible to hold on to one last thing, one thing that makes us feel like we still have some control over our own life. We figure most of our life is good enough; some of our devotion is better than nothing.

But that’s not true. God wants it all. God loves us and desires us and God knows that when we haven’t surrendered the things we hold onto, we aren’t trusting God and those things have the power to end up hurting us.

Think about one thing in your life that you’ve been unwilling to surrender to God. Take a risk. For some of us we know exactly what we’re holding onto and for others, we need to do some searching. 

What are you holding out of the water?

– Jenny

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