Psalm 23 on 11.13.11

This weekend we spent the weekend living in Psalm 23.  I personally loved the music that we did – Stephen Kelly did a phenomenal job with the choir and the arrangements!  But even more than the music, I loved the time that we spent reading through Scripture.  We created some space to read through Psalm 23 several times and we did so in a format that’s known as lectio divina.  That’s a Latin phrase that means “divine reading”.  There are times when we study Scripture from a theological perspective using resources, background commentaries as we engage in theological dialogue; but then there are also times where we should read Scripture prayerfully and lectio divina is one way to do that.

You can use the lectio divina format with any Scripture passage and it can be a great resource for your own personal quiet times.  Why don’t you try doing that the next time you read Scripture?  I’ll guide you through how to do it. 

First, choose a passage that you want to read through.  In lectio divina you read through a passage 3 times so it’s great to choose a passage between 5-15 verses.  Create some quiet space around you, maybe light a candle, whatever you need to do begin to quiet your soul.

Pray this prayer – “God, I open my heart to you.  I know that you have spoken to your followers throughout the ages and I know that you still speak to your followers today.  I am here.  I am listening.  Use your Word to speak to me today.”

1st Reading: Listen to the Holy Spirit minister God’s Word to you. As you read through this passage the first time, what one word or phrase especially touches your heart?  Allow yourself some time to hear God speak that word of phrase to you.

2nd Reading: Now enter into the passage.  As you read through this passage a second time what emotions do you have? What personal struggle or longing in your life today is God speaking into? (Be specific.)  Again, allow yourself some space to let yourself enter into this passage.

3rd Reading: Now as you read this passage a third and final time, receive what Christ has for you today. What is your personal invitation from the Lord? What do you sense God might be saying to you?

You can use lectio divina at any time with truly any passage.  May God use this centuries-old spiritual discipline to minister to you today.


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