We confess on 10.2.11

He Reigns
Holy is the Lord
Waiting Here for You
We Confess
Here I Am to Worship
Waiting Here for You (reprise)

Last weekend we experienced the gift of receiving communion together. We started the service off with songs of declaration, that God is awesome and holy.  After that we taught a new song to our congregation called “Waiting Here for You”. As Matt shared, when we wait in the presence of a holy God, we begin to see God for who God truly is, and we also start to see ourselves for who we truly are.  You can listen to the song HERE.

In preparation for receiving communion, we spent a good amount of time in confession. I wrote a song months ago called “We Confess”, for my own prayer time with God.  The three verses speak to three areas where we may need to confess something. Here are the verses and the questions we lived in with the space before receiving communion.

We Confess
It’s not about me, God it’s about You
It’s not about what we do but how much we love You
It’s not about performance, because You are strong in our weakness
For these things we confess

Who is steering my life?
Am I in control or is God?

It’s not about luxury, but giving extravagantly
It’s not about having it right, the perfect American life
But finding our life in You, covered only by grace and truth
For these things we confess

What am I filling my life with?
(Comfort, convenience, distractions, things that numb my pain?)

It’s walking across the room, to one who doesn’t look like you
It’s putting our neighbors first, meeting their hunger and thirst
It’s loving my enemy, even when they’ve hurt me
For these things we confess

Am I withholding love or forgiveness from anyone?

Every time I confess and ask forgiveness from someone I have hurt, it draws the two of us closer. I believe the same thing happens when we confess and ask forgiveness to our loving God. May we be prompted this week to speak with God, to share our heart, to create space to hear from God and to confess what needs confessing.


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