Real Life: An Interview with Lincoln Brewster

On Labor Day weekend (September 3 and 4), Lincoln Brewster, Dove-award nominated musician, brings his band to Willow Creek’s South Barrington campus for a free concert at all services. Matt Lundgren, executive producer and worship leader at Willow, connected with Lincoln to ask a few questions, worship leader-to-worship leader. Matt: What was the first song […]

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Finding Jesus Everywhere on 8.28.11

This weekend we took some time to center around a simple yet profound thought:  Jesus is everywhere, but do we have the eyes to see him? It is recorded in Luke 24:13-16: That same day two of them were walking to the village Emmaus, about seven miles out of Jerusalem. They were deep in conversation, […]

Jesus meets Trent Reznor meets an ancient Catholic practice meets Willow Creek meets communion on 8.21.11

This weekend at Willow was one of the more moving communion experiences I’ve experienced in a long time. To help prepare us for this holy sacrament, we spent 6 or 7 minutes meditating on eight stations of the cross. The title would come up (e.g. “Station 1: Pilate Condemns Jesus to Die”), followed by the […]

Praying for the World on 8.6.11

This weekend, we turned our attention outward and worshiped God by praying for God’s world. Musically, it was a “no guitars allowed” weekend, and we built the music around the super-humanly talented organ playing of Stephen Kelly:  drums, bass, piano, and B3.  Stephen’s great skill and passion brought us into some exciting places – from […]

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