Good Friday

passover table

Last night, the Willow community shared a Passover Seder meal together. It was a beautiful, solemn, holy, inspiring evening that pushed some of us out of our comfort zones, and invited us all into a deeper understanding and experience of God’s Redemptive Story.

The evening was masterfully guided by Justin Kron, a Jewish follower of Christ who has been a part of the Willow family for a number of years. His insight into the symbolism of the passover meal and his challenge to bring these profound ideas into our present lives was a huge gift to every one of us. What a night!

The music was very simple, reflective, and mournful. We sang four classic hymns of the faith: “Come Ye Sinners”, “When I Survey”, “Nothing But the Blood”, and “Amazing Grace”. The brilliant cellist (Wendy) anchored us, both sonically and emotionally.

Personally, this was my third Seder dinner experience, but they seem to only get richer. Last night reminded me that we are not the beginning of this story…not even close! We come from a long, long line of people who have been walking with God – some who look very different from us – and there will be many, many more to come. So may we take our place in this holy parade with great humility and courage. Peace.

the rhodes

Wendy and the table

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