Psalm 51 on 03.26.11

Last weekend was built entirely around Psalm 51.  After singing Troy Hatfield’s epic song “Matchless” as a call to worship, the following 75 minutes revolved around God’s invitation to Life, our deep propensity to sin, and God’s unlimited mercy.  The old school song “Sweet Mercies” launched us…

“A broken heart and a contrite spirit, You have yet to deny
Your heart of mercy beats with love’s strong current
Let the river flow, By Your spirit now, Lord, we cry”
Let Your mercies fall from heaven…”

To further prepare us for this deep dive, Char and the choir lead us through the stunning spiritual “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me”.  Here’s a little of our Sunday morning rehearsal…

During the message, Bill walked us through King David’s “swan dive into sin” (2 Sam 11) and invited us to honestly wrestle with our own sin.  Watch here.

It was a powerful, rich, sober message that invited us into some dark places…before propelling us into the bottomless Mercy of God.  After a communion experience based on the hymn “Jesus Paid it All”, Bill reminded us of David’s prayer:  “God, restore unto me the joy of Your salvation”, and encouraged a celebration of biblical proportions.  “Mighty to Save” and “Oh, Happy Day” seemed like the only appropriate ways to end the service!

On a personal note, after being lead through such a heavy but beautiful experience, the lyrics to “Mighty to Save” absolutely jumped out and clobbered me during the Sunday morning services.  I’ll probably never sing them again the same way…

“So take me as You find me, All my fears and failures
Fill my life again
I give my life to follow, Everything I believe in
Now I surrender”

Carried by God’s inexhaustible mercy,

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