Be Thou My Vision on 2.13.11

Reflection and Inspiration for the Feb 12/13 opening worship set: New Doxology – by Thomas Miller, Ken Thomas Our Love is Loud – by David Crowder (arrangement inspired by Sigur Ros song “Gobbledigook“) Revelation Song – by Jennie Lee Riddle Be Thou My Vision – by Mary E Byrne, Eleanor H. Hull, Becky Johnson Turn […]

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Reflections on teaching a song…

It’s always nerve-wracking to teach a new, original song. Even if I’m excited about it, there’s a certain vulnerability and awkwardness about saying “Hey, rather than sing any other song ever written, can we take the next 5 minutes to sing MY song?” It better be good, right?!? That’s probably why I’m pretty slow to […]

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God Loves ALL His Children on 1.19.11

Last weekend, we did a deep dive into the LOVE of God.  As Christians, God’s Love is central to our faith – the fuel of our relationship with our Creator, and the glue of our relationships with all of our fellow creations.  Love is the beginning, the means, and the ends.  Even Jesus said that […]