Sharon’s reflections after MLK Day

As I continue to reflect on the recent MLK services, I am reminded once again that racial reconciliation is a process that involves honesty, education, grace, & letting go of systematic and personal power. During our time in between services, I experienced a handful of honest conversations with my brothers & sisters in the choir. […]

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Jesus is the Center of the Center on 1.9.11

Last weekend, we decided to build the entire worship experience around Colossians 1:15-20.  I love this text because it reminds us that the center of the center is Jesus Christ.  He is the foundation of existence, the path of eternal life, the source of all creation, the example we try to follow, etc… Why do […]

Kirk Franklin on New Years Day

When I heard that Kirk Franklin was coming to Willow Creek on Jan 1,2 I changed my travel plans to make sure I was here…for all 3 services.  Kirk has been a premier gospel artist for nearly 2 decades. His mission was to take gospel music and to broaden its range beyond the traditional gospel […]

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