Weekend Reflections: All in this Together on 10.3.10

I’ve been more and more inspired lately by the idea that we (the Church) are the “priesthood of all believers”. Church is NOT where a couple professional pastors serve the spiritual consumers…but instead a place where we all have a part to play in serving each other and the world! We are the body of Christ, and every body part is critically important.

In the same way, worship is not the same thing as a concert. At a concert, the few (on stage) perform for the many (in the seats). But in worship, the many (in the seats and on stage) perform for the One (The Almighty). Every single voice matters. Every single heart matters. God hears it all…and it matters.

But here’s the conflict: Many modern churches are not set up for this. In fact, many sanctuaries/auditoriums communicate the exact opposite. The chairs all face the big stage while a few professional pastors speak into microphones while being projected onto huge screens. This is not wrong, of course, but sometimes I wonder if our physical environment competes with our message.

Is it even possible for someone to teach about the priesthood of all believers while their face is on a jumbotron? Or, as Shane Hipps so eloquently talks about, does the medium overpower the message?

And so wrestling with all this, we tried a little experiment last weekend at Willow. Our band never got up on stage, but instead lead worship from the middle of the community. We also worked hard to use the screens mostly for lyrics (instead of showing video of the band). It was awkward, beautiful, nerve-wracking, and exciting. The experience was met with mixed reviews, but it certainly got our community talking about worship and participation and “who’s the focus of our gatherings, anyway?” I’m really thankful to the Willow leadership for being open to this idea and THE GREATEST PRODUCTION TEAM IN HISTORY for making it happen!

Check out one of the songs (featuring willow creek’s most mediocre guitar player)…

Posted by Aaron Niequist on 10.08.10 under Lead Worship, Weekend Experience.

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