Weekend Reflections: Waiting on the Spirit of God on 9.25.10

This past weekend we continued our series called God Unboxed and we took a look at how the church’s understanding of God changed when God was “unboxed” at Pentecost through the giving of the Holy Spirit.  The theme of the whole service was about how the life of a believer has changed since Pentecost – now the Spirit of the Living God lives in each and every one of us as believers and has given us all spiritual gifts and made us all a part of the “priesthood”.  I’ve read through this passage of Scripture in Acts 2 many many times, but something different stood out to me this time.  After Jesus rose from the grave he walked on earth for a time before ascending into heaven.  What next?  The believers gathered together and…waited.  They just waited.  They waited on the Spirit of the Living God.  They gathered in a room and prayed.  I thought to myself I wait on things day after day – I wait in lines, I wait in traffic, I wait to download songs off the internet; how often do I just sit and wait on the Spirit of God.  What would it be like if we as an entire church just took some time to wait on the Spirit of God?  Maybe God would say something to some of us; maybe God would remind us of how near he is to us; maybe God would remind us that some things need to change in our lives – if we would only just wait on the Spirit of God.

The pre-service was an instrumental rendition of Becky Johnson’s arrangement of “Be Thou My Vision”.  We attempted to do a bit of a Celtic version of the song with the tin whistle.  We began with Becky leading “You’ll Come”, the Hillsong tune.  Then I took a few moments setting up the idea of us spending the next 20 minutes waiting on the Spirit of the Lord and we launched into Charlie Hall’s older song “Sweep Me Away”.

I’m a musician at heart, but have been developing an appreciation for all the arts – video, drama, dance and I wondered what it would look like for someone to physically represent through movement waiting on the Holy Spirit and then finally meeting with the Holy Spirit.  We called our friends at Groundwork and Amy Steingard agreed to choreograph a dance.  This is an arrangement of the praise chorus “Spirit of the Living God Fall Afresh on Me”.  We wanted to use the abstract nature of dancing silhouettes to demonstrate a union between the dancer and the Spirit (the descending fabric)

After this we spent a few moments simply singing the Invocation “Holy Spirit Come” before Becky launched us into “Breathe”, one of my all time favorites.  The congregation came alive and truly lead us on stage.  Moments like those remind me why we need to come together as one church!

I don’t know if this sounds weird to all of you, but I spent a lot of time thinking through what I was going to pray after that song.  I know we can come to God in prayer using whatever is on our hearts with whatever words we want, but I felt like there was something in particular that needed to be prayed there.  I think it’s important for us to pray through scripture.  We can use scripture to remind us how and why we can pray.  In scripture we see the Holy Spirit is called the Comforter – I prayed that the Comforter would fall afresh on those who are in need of comfort; the Holy Spirit is also called the Counselor – I prayed that those who are in need of guidance and direction would receive counsel; we also see the Holy Spirit making dry bones come alive (Ezekiel 37) – for those who just felt dried up and separated from God I prayed that God would come and breath new life into us.  Plain and simple, we are lost without God.  I’m thankful for the reminder we had this past weekend.


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