Weekend Reflections: Waiting on the Spirit of God on 9.25.10

This past weekend we continued our series called God Unboxed and we took a look at how the church’s understanding of God changed when God was “unboxed” at Pentecost through the giving of the Holy Spirit.  The theme of the whole service was about how the life of a believer has changed since Pentecost – […]

Weekend Reflections: The Box on 9.19.10

This last weekend (9.19.10) at Willow was really exciting to be a part of. After the pre-service – Izzy’s killer string quartet arrangement of “Today” by The Smashing Pumpkins – we launched into a quiet chorus of “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” and a corporate reading of Paul’s great prayer of Eph 3:14-19. […]

Weekend Reflections: Be Here Now on 9.11.10

I’ve always kind of viewed going back to school as a new beginning of sorts.  And since I’ve spent 21 years in school from Kindergarten to Graduate School, going back to school has always been something that’s part of my yearly rhythm.  That’s the time when I get back into a routine and start developing […]