All Worship Night!

Last night, we packed into the Lake Side Auditorium for a night of Worship:  prayer, silence, reflection, and even singing!  In many ways, praise be to God, it was a holy night.  Here was the flow of the experience…

Tuning our hearts – this is a simple spiritual exercise to help us prepare our hearts to worship

Here I am to Worship, Mighty to Save, and Come Thou Fount – we did all we could to open ourselves to God and invite Him to lead us throughout the evening.

The Lord’s Prayer Experience – line by line, we dug into the greatest prayer in human history:  “The Lord’s Prayer”.  We asked for forgiveness, prayed for our world and family, asked God to lead us, and prayed that His Kingdom would come and will be done.  And it was all held together by Becky’s version of Jon Foreman’s song “Your Love is Strong“.

Agnus Dei, Changed, Let it Rise, and How Great Thou Art – after spending nearly 20 minutes in the depths of The Lord’s Prayer, we got to open our hearts and arms and voices to God.  This was quite powerful and profound…hearing a couple thousand, passionate followers of Christ belting out “then sings my SOOOOOOUL!!!” together.

I’m going to remember last night for a long time…

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