Weekend Reflections: Psalm 139

This weekend, we spent the first half of our service praying, singing, meditating, and reading through Psalm 139. It’s such a profound chapter, and my only regret is not having more time to dive in! A number of people asked about the song Becky sang (inventively titled “Psalm 139″), so feel free to click HERE for the recording, lyrics, and story behind the song. Here’s the live video from the 11:15am service. (If possible, listen on headphones or with good speakers! Yeah, I’m a sound geek…)

All weekend long, as we invited God to “search us” and “find any offensive ways in us” and “lead us in the way everlasting”, I kept thinking about this quote: “We are not punished for our sins; we are punished BY our sins.” God is not waiting in shadows, ready to smack us when we mess up. He is humbly knocking at the door, hoping we’ll let Him rescue us from our self-sabotaging actions. He is inviting us into the best possible way to live.

“The sayings of Jesus are most often taken as expressions of some ethereal truth for especially religious people. Instead, they are mere observations about how life actually works.” (Dallas Willard). For example, we don’t avoid gossip because “God said so and will punish us”. . .we avoid gossip because it wrecks relationships. The same could be said of following God’s wisdom about rest, sex, money, etc. . .

How would our lives change if we stopped seeing God as The Enforcer, and began to embrace Him as The Emancipator?

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